A Proprietary, Hyper Deflationary Token

WAGLrise token holders are not only rewarded through static rewards but also through true automatic burns every trade from within the liquidity pool. We have noted RISE and it's Kraken failures, we know we can do better! We have forked RISE and modified their contract to disallow any abuse from bots, ultimately our version of the Kraken has multiple fail safes to ensure bots cannot cause it to mass buy until it has no more BNB left. We are the first fork to implement these changes.

How To Buy $WAGL

Step 1

Download the MetaMask Chrome Extension or mobile app.

Setup your account & add the Binance Smart Chain to your network list.

Step 2

Use Binance / another exchange to purchase BNB and send it over to your MetaMask Wallet Address.

Or if you already have BNB, simply send it to your MetaMask Wallet.

Step 3

Head over to the PanCake Swap Exchange and swap your BNB for $WAGL.
(if you already hold another token, you can swap that directly for $WAGL too)

Step 4

Congratulations! You are now an Official WAGLr.

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Why Invest In $WAGL?

WAGLrise token holders are not only benefited through static rewards but also by the Buy-Back process of the contract. As part of a Buy-Back process, contract takes care of buying back some of the tokens and burn them whenever a sell happens. In a nutshell, majority of the time, you will not see 2 sell transactions at any time and there will never be three sell transactions continuously at any time.

About Us

The team at WAGLrise have backgrounds in marketing, development and design. We are veterans of the cryptocurrency space having been around since the inception of DeFi in 2018, we have designed a revolutionary new token built on the Binance Smart Chain with the most advanced tokenomics we have ever seen, specifically designed to preserve the longevity of the token and allow for our holders to comfortably hold without worrying about any of the usual scams associated with the DeFi space.

Our Mission

Lately, we have noticed a trend in DeFi. Early investors get trigger happy with their sells and nuke the chart, reducing potential buyers’ faith in the token and causing mass sells across the board. We have implemented a unique system in which the contract automatically buys back some of the sold tokens and burns them following a sell. In layman’s terms this means our investors should never see more than two sells back to back, not only does this create a healthy looking chart, it allows for potential investors to have faith and HOLD WAGLrise.


A revolutionary taxation system allows for the sustenance and security of WAGLrise

11% Transaction Tax

Rewards To Holders


Tax to Marketing Wallet


Buy Back Tax


The buy back feature protects the project by buying back and burning a portion of the sold tokens, this creates longevity, safety and consistency in price.


1 Quadrillion Initial Supply

Developer Wallet: 5%
Marketing & Promotion Wallet: 4.5%
Private Sale: 12.5%
Presale: 40%
Liquidity: 32%

Slippage: 13%


Phase 1

Deployment of the WAGLrise smart contract
Community growth and engagement
Listing on small - mid tier coin trackers (Coinhunt, Coinsniper)
Initial marketing campaign with influencers, advertisements and competitions

Phase 2

Release of White-Paper
Implementation of aggressive social media marketing campaign
Listing on portfolio trackers (CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko)

Phase 3

Website upgrades
Implementation of upgrades to the smart contract to further reward holders
Continue to focus on community expansion with rewards, competitions and giveaways